Seven Fun-Filled Baby Easter Activities for 4-6 Month Olds

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Finding a Baby Easter Activity, especially for young infants, can be pretty difficult.

One of the things I was very excited about as a new mom was celebrating the holidays with my kids. Holidays, including Easter, are a time for wonder and joy, and the fun only multiplies when children are involved!

I instantly thought of many fun activities, crafts, and projects I could do with toddlers, kids, and teens. But infants? Especially young infants? That was a bit harder.

Now that I’ve had my own Little One to play with, it’s been fun coming up with some creative ways to include him in the holiday festivities.

The great thing about these activities is that, not only are they fun, but they’re educational too!

Each of the following baby Easter activities includes stimulation for your 4-6 month old’s mental, social, and physical development.

And they each involve Easter in some way! Your little one may not be old enough to really grasp that these activities are in celebration of a holiday, but they will appreciate the new excitement of variety in their playtime! (Plus, you will love the adorable Easter pics you’ll get!)


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Preparing the Activities

Before we dive into the activities, let’s discuss materials.

The fantastic thing about these baby Easter activities is that you won’t have to spend a bunch of money, if any!

You can use a lot of the stuff you might have lying around your house!

Look in craft boxes, toy bins, the pantry, and wrapping materials.

What are you looking for, you ask? Anything that might seem Easter and/or Spring themed.

Things like:

  • spring-themed wrapping paper
  • spring-colored tissue paper
  • egg toys or old Easter eggs
  • spring-colored construction paper
  • bunny toys or stuffed animals
  • spring-colored bows and ribbons
  • chick toys or stuffed animals
  • fake flowers
  • jellybeans

You get the idea. Any brightly colored, interesting to look at, fun spring/Easter kind of thing!

(While you obviously don’t want anything overtly dangerous for your baby, don’t worry about finding items that seem not baby-friendly – jellybeans, glitter, etc. – We will talk about what to do with these items below!)

If you don’t find enough things around your home, you can always head on over to the Dollar Tree!

This year, I found a bunch of fun Easter things there. Things like a stuffed bunny, plastic Easter eggs, fake lilies, and this really cool mesh ribbon stuff.

If you’re planning in advance, you can also find a lot of cool Easter things on Amazon.

Check out this adorable Easter ribbon!

Here are some really cool nylon butterflies

And don’t forget those Easter eggs! (These ones are on sale for a huge discount!)

Finally, we have one more super important thing to discuss before we get into the Easter activities themselves:


You may have noticed there are some items mentioned above that you should NOT let your baby put in their mouth or leave them alone with (ie. jellybeans, ribbons, or anything small enough to fit all the way in their mouth).

As you are setting up your activities, make sure that your baby has NO ACCESS to any of these smaller items.

Most importantly, none of these baby Easter activities should be done without very close supervision. Do not leave your infant alone doing any of these activities. Even if precautions are taken to keep hazardous things out of their mouth (such as putting jellybeans in a plastic bag), things happen. You need to be within immediate arm’s reach in the case that your baby does happen to get ahold of something they shouldn’t be sticking in their mouth!

Alright! Let’s dig into our seven baby Easter activities for 4-6 Month Olds!

Baby Easter Activity #1:

Celebrating Baby's First Easter? Check out these easy and stimulating Easter Egg Rattles! |

Easter Egg Rattles

These fun, brightly-colored easter egg rattles make for a fun and engaging Easter activity. The sound, color, and feel engage your infant’s sight, hearing, and hand-eye coordination skills.

Learn how to make these here.

Baby Easter Activity #2:

Create a delightful keepsake of your baby's First Easter |

Footprint Carrots

This is a fun craft that even your youngest infant can help you with!

The paint on their feet stimulates them, and you can create a wonderful keepsake you will cherish for years to come.

Follow the simple steps to make this craft here.

Baby Easter Activity #3:

Celebrate baby's first Easter with this simple, fun tummy time activity |

Bunny Tummy Time

Putting up pictures during Tummy Time is an excellent way to stimulate your baby’s vision, mind, and body.

For this activity, simply print out some Easter-related pictures (bunnies, butterflies, chicks, etc.) and cut them out.

How to Prepare for Bunny Tummy Time...Baby's First Easter |

Next, tape them somewhere low where the baby could see them during Tummy Time. We taped ours to baskets on a shelf near Little E’s activity gym, but you could tape them to a door, to the baseboard, wherever your little one can see it.)

Prepare for Bunny Tummy Time on your Baby's First Easter |

The colorful pictures will give your baby a fun, Easter-related incentive to keep his head up and look around during Tummy Time.

(Need more help with Tummy Time? Check out this post here.)

Baby Easter Activity #4:

Create a magical Easter glitter jar to celebrate Baby's First Easter! |

Magical Easter Glitter Bottle

This engaging bottle will delight your little one! Use it as a distraction during Tummy Time for an added bonus.

Read about how to make one here.

Baby Easter Activity #5:Create an Easter play gym for your Baby's First Easter |

Easter Activity Gym

Decking out your little one’s activity gym can turn it into an Easter wonderland!

I used mesh ribbon, fake lilies, brightly colored ribbons, and an Easter blanket to turn Little E’s play mat into a Spring-themed fun zone.

Create a fun-filled Easter play gym for your Baby's First Easter |

He was chilling in his swing while I created his Easter mat, and he was watching in wonder. In fact, he didn’t even stop staring at it as I went to pull him out. He couldn’t wait to try it out!

Eager to try out his Easter play gym for his First Easter |

He loved looking at the brightly colors and different textures he hadn’t seen before. I also gave him a fluffy bunny and the Easter Egg Rattles I had made for some extra Easter fun!

Playing on his Easter activity gym for Baby's First Easter |

Baby Easter Activity #6:

Create a jellybean sensory bag for baby's first Easter |

Jelly Bean Bag

Who knew something as simple as a bag full of jellybeans could be so entertaining and mentally stimulating?

This doesn’t really need much explanation. Just a ziplock bag, full of jelly beans. Ouila! Instant, stimulating Easter activity.

Little E really enjoyed the texture, sounds, and maneuverability of his Jelly Bean Bag.

Baby Easter Activity #7:

Create an Easter egg playpen for your baby's first Easter |

Easter Egg Playpen

A twist on McDonald’s ball pool, turn your baby’s playpen into a world of Easter egg fun!

Fill up a laundry basket covered in a blanket (or playpen if you have a lot of Easter eggs) with some plastic Easter eggs and sit your little one in there.

Little E really enjoyed this activity! It was a blast to watch him grab the Easter eggs and bring them to his mouth, wiggle his feet around in the eggs, and marvel at their movements.

In addition to the smiles and giggles from baby and mom, this activity also gave Little E lots of hand-eye coordination practice, practice moving his legs, and gave him an opportunity to watch cause-and-effect in action. Talk about a developmentally stimulating Easter activity!


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In the midst of these fun baby Easter activities with your precious little one, don’t forget the most important part of Easter: Christ is Risen!

It’s not too early to celebrate this with your child, even from the youngest age. Just like your baby will learn to talk and walk by watching and imitating you, their spiritual development will follow the same pattern.

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Did you try any of these activities? How did your little one enjoy them? Do you have any other Easter activities you have done with your precious baby? Leave a comment below!

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