Easter Egg Rattles: A Stimulating Easter Baby Activity

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Can you believe it is already Easter time?

This year has flown by so fast! It seems like yesterday I thought I would be pregnant forever. Now Little E is almost six months old, and getting ready to celebrate his first Easter!

When thinking of different Easter activities to do with him, there weren’t all that many ideas out there. After all, how many holiday celebration activities can a young infant do?

But with a little creativity and adaptation, there are tons of fun holiday-themed things you can do with your little one!

One of those activities is making Easter Egg Rattles.

This is a stimulating activity for babies of all ages!

Celebrating Baby's First Easter? Check out these easy and stimulating Easter Egg Rattles! | ourbeautifulfeet.com

The sound of the various rattles stimulates their senses…the colorful eggs are visually stimulating, and grasping the eggs gives them practice maneuvering their tiny little hands.

It’s also a super easy activity to prepare!

Supplies to make Easter egg rattles for Baby's First Easter | ourbeautifulfeet.com

All you need is:

  • a hot glue gun
  • some non-toxic hot glue sticks
  • plastic Easter eggs
  • various rattle materials

You can use lots of different things to fill the eggs with (to make the rattling sound). Just look around your house to find things that would make an interesting sound.

You could use the same material for each rattle, but using different materials creates different sounds. Little E was really intrigued by all the different sounds made by each different egg. The variation of sounds was probably his favorite part of this activity!

Easter Egg rattles. An activity for Baby's First Easter | ourbeautifulfeet.com

I used paper clips, rice, lentils, marbles, and pennies for our rattles.

Making the Rattles

Plug your hot glue gun in.

As it is heating up, choose your egg colors and your materials for each egg.

I decided to put rice in a blue egg, pennies in an orange egg, lentils in a green egg, marbles in a purple egg, and paper clips in a yellow egg.

Once your hot glue is hot, it’s time to get to work!

Hold the egg open with the large part (the top) in your hand. Fill up the top half with your material.

Easter Egg Rattles for Baby's First Easter | ourbeautifulfeet.com

Put hot glue around the edge of the bottom half of the egg, and carefully close the egg.

Easter Egg Rattles for Baby's First Easter | ourbeautifulfeet.com

It’s important not to shake the egg while it is drying. This will get your materials glued to the inside of the egg, rendering your rattle useless (RIP, pink egg rattle).

Once the glue around the edges is dry, put dots of glue on any holes in the top or bottom of the egg. This is especially important if you are filling it with something small, like rice or quinoa.

Easter Egg Rattles for Baby's First Easter | ourbeautifulfeet.com Easter Egg Rattles for Baby's First Easter | ourbeautifulfeet.com

Repeat this process for each of your egg rattles.

Once all the glue is dry, make sure that none of the blobs of glue can be pulled off of the egg. (This is very important if your little one decides the egg rattles were made for chewing, like Little E did.)


Once they are completely dry, enjoy playing with your precious baby!

Easter Egg Rattles for Baby's First Easter | ourbeautifulfeet.com

There are lots of different ways you can play with your baby with your new Easter Egg Rattles:

  • shake them in front of her during tummy time
  • put them in front of him during tummy time on a pillow
  • let her practice reaching for them, grabbing them, and playing with them
  • put them in a pile in his lap
  • roll them across the floor to where he is playing
  • let her play with them in her highchair

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How did you use your Easter Egg Rattles? Did your little one enjoy them? Share below!

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