Footprint Carrot: A Baby’s First Easter Craft

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Baby’s Firsts are such fun! That’s why I was so excited to celebrate Little E’s first Easter.

There are a ton of different “firsts” you will go through with your little one, and holidays are often the biggest ones!

Baby’s first holidays are things you will want to remember. Photos and stories are great ways to do so, but it can also be fun to have some memorabilia…something tangible from the celebration.

There are lots of ideas for Baby’s first Christmas, Baby’s first Halloween, and Baby’s first Thanksgiving.

Baby’s first Easter is a little bit less popular a subject on the worldwide web.

For one thing, it can seem difficult to do too much with a young infant. Parents of toddlers have it a bit easier when it comes to activities their little ones are able to do. My little baby, only 5 months old, can’t sit up without support, let alone wander around the backyard hunting for Easter eggs!

So what could I do to celebrate his first Easter?

For a list of seven fun Baby Easter Activities I did with him, read this post.

One of those activities was to create this adorable keepsake from his First Easter!

Create a delightful keepsake of your baby's First Easter |

Footprint Carrot

What you’ll need:

Supplies to make a footprint carrot keepsake for baby's First Easter |

  • Some non-toxic washable paints
    • I used Crayola Washable Kids Paint. I love how washable they are! If a drop gets on my carpet, I can easily get it out, even with just a baby wipe.
  • Some thicker paper
    • I used this drawing paper. You could also use watercolor paper, cardstock, or construction paper.
  • Baby wipes
    • Trust me. It gets messy. Hence the washable paints! 😉
  • A sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Anything else you would like to add to the finished product
    • For example, I put mine on some yellow cardstock

The Fun Part

Start out by making sure baby is in an outfit that works with this activity. A short-sleeve or sleeveless onesie is best.

Next, it’s time to get you, baby, and your materials in an easy to maneuver place.

I chose to sit criss-cross on the ground, with baby in my lap, paints and palette (I just used some plastic packaging) off to my side, and drawing paper on a clipboard in front of me.

We will start with the footprint first. It is going to make the carrot part of your carrot.

Pour some orange paint onto your palette. You could use a brush to paint this onto baby’s foot, or just do what I did! I simply put baby’s foot directly into the paint, and then rubbed it around evenly with my finger.

All painted orange for his footprint carrot First Easter craft |

Once baby’s foot is covered in orange paint, make a print on the paper.

I found it easiest to bring the clipboard up to Little E’s foot, rather than the foot to the paper.

It might take a couple tries!

First try at a footprint carrot for Baby's First Easter | Second try for a footprint carrot for baby's First Easter | Final footprint for baby's First Easter craft |

Once you get the perfect print, clean up your little one with the wipes. (And you might need a few for yourself, too!) Make sure to get in-between those precious toes.

After you are clean, set aside the footprint paper and get a clean piece of paper.

Now it’s time for the handprint. This will make the top, leafy part of the carrot.

Pour some green paint onto your palette, and then apply it to your baby’s hand.

This was a bit harder, as Little E likes to grab anything his little fingers touch!

To do the handprint, I had to use both hands on Little E. So this time I brought his hand to the paper, not the paper to his hand.

I used one hand to guide his wrist, and the other to keep his little hand open. 

Handprint for baby's First Easter craft |

Surprisingly, I got a pretty good print my very first try! It is very likely that you will need a few attempts to get the print you want.

Once you do, clean up your hands (and face, and arms, and anything else that might have gotten paint on it!).

Set aside both prints to dry.

The part that your baby is involved in is all done!

Assembling your Baby’s First Easter Keepsake

When you have some free time (laughable, I know. Try some of these other baby Easter activities to keep your little one occupied.), you can assemble your keepsake.

Assembling your baby's First Easter footprint carrot |

Cut out both prints.

Cut out prints to make a Baby's First Easter footprint carrot |

Once the handprint is cut out, you will need to make one additional modification to make it work as the top of your carrot. Cut the bottom of it into a point, as shown below.

Part of making a Baby's First Easter footprint craft |

For the footprint, add some thin lines with the sharpie to create a carrot-like effect.

Baby's First Easter footprint carrot |

Add glue to the tip of the bottom of the handprint, on the front side, and glue it on the back of the toes of the footprint.

Gluing together the footprint carrot for Baby's First Easter |

Now you have your carrot!

This is the part where you can use your own creative freedom to decide what to do with your cutie’s footprint carrot.

I chose to glue it to a square piece of yellow cardstock and then write “Baby’s First Easter” in sharpie.

Completed First Easter footprint carrot keepsake |

I also wrote the date of Little E’s first Easter on the side of the carrot, which I think added a really nice touch.

There you have it! A competed keepsake of your little one’s first Easter!

It would be a good idea to laminate your keepsake. I love laminating things that I want to hold onto for a long time.

Did you know you can get a small little laminator for your own household? And amazingly, you can get on Amazon for less than $45.

That’s an amazing value for something so useful!

They come in so handy for so many different things. I have a Fellows C-95 Home and Office Pouch Laminator, and I LOVE it! I’ve had it for 7 years now, it still works great, and I use it at least once a month.

It’s insanely easy to use, and there are so many uses for it. I have used it to laminate keepsakes I want to keep safe, worksheets I want kids to be able to use over and over with dry erase markers, recipe cards, reference sheets, and so much more!

I especially recommend a home laminator for homeschool moms and dads. You can use it to make flashcards, sight word cards, dry-erase worksheets, and the list goes on and on…

There you have it! Your Baby’s First Easter Carrot Footprint Craft.

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