How to Create a Magical Easter Glitter Jar

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Have you seen an awesome glitter jar or tube at a toy store before? I can remember playing with one such tube when I was a little girl.

It was filled with green glitter, big blue stars, and some other little trinkets I can’t remember. But I do remember how mesmerizing it was!

Even for the littlest babies, who aren’t able to hold and maneuver a glitter jar themselves, will greatly enjoy watching you move the sparkly magic around.

The awesome thing is, you don’t have to go out and purchase a glitter jar! (But if you would rather purchase one than make one – whatever’s easiest for you momma! – you can find one here.)

Create a magical Easter glitter jar to celebrate Baby's First Easter! |
How To Create A Mesmerizing Easter Glitter Jar

The Materials

Here’s what you’ll need to make a glitter jar:

  • Water
  • A jar that can be sealed
  • A hot glue gun
  • Non-toxic hot glue gun sticks
  • Glitter
    • I used two kinds of glitter for a fun effect…a coarse, thick glitter, and some fine, embossing micro glitter
  • Oil or clear glue
    • An important note: Personally, I think the clear glue makes a cooler effect. However, if you don’t’ have clear glue you can use oil – veggie or olive – to make a similar effect. We did not have any clear glue, so I used oil in this glitter jar.
  • Small trinkets
    • In this case, since I was making an Easter glitter jar, I chose Easter and spring related trinkets
    • The key to making an awesome glitter jar is to add a variety of trinkets that will act differently in the jar. I chose some things that would float – pieces of curly ribbon and fabric butterflies – and some things that would sink – beads and charms
  • Food coloring
    • I chose yellow, since it is a spring related color, and it seems to be a color that Little E is really interested in.

Creating Your Easter Glitter Jar

Making the jar is super easy!

  1. Warm up your hot glue gun.
  2. Throw all your materials in the jar.
    Step two to make a magical Easter glitter jar |       Step two to make a magical Easter glitter jar |
  3. Fill it up.
    1. Use 80% water and 20% oil or glue (If you use glue….mix up the glue and the warm water in a separate container first, and then pour into the jar)
      Step three to make a magical Easter glitter jar |
  4. Add a few drops of food coloring.
    1. 1-2 drops for a light effect. 3-4 for a darker one. (At this point, Little E started to get really interested…notice his eager stare in the background.)
      Step four in creating a magical Easter glitter jar |
  5. Seal it off.
    1. If using a mason jar, put hot glue around the edge of the flat part of the lid, and then place on the jar. Next, put hot glue on the inside of the screw-on portion of the lid and screw it on quickly before the glue dries.
    2. If using a regular jar, put hot glue on the inside of the screw-on part of the lid and screw it on quickly before the hot glue dries.
    3. For both kinds of jars, use the hot glue to create a seal around the bottom of the lid (for mason jars, also use it to create a seal between the flat part and the screw-on part on top).
      Step five in creating a magical Easter glitter jar |
  6. Check for leaks.
    1. Tip the jar over (in a place you don’t mind getting messy).
    2. If water comes out, use the hot glue gun to seal up any leaks.
  7. Play and enjoy!
    Loving his magical Easter glitter jar! |

Little E was super intrigued by his magic Easter glitter jar!

Next time, I think I will only use 1-2 drops of food coloring…the yellow effect was a little bit darker than I wanted it to be.

Also, I do like the look of glitter jars made with clear glue better than those made with oil. That’s why I ordered some clear glue right after making this glitter jar!

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How did your littlest one enjoy this Easter glitter jar? What kinds of things did you add to your jar? Leave a comment, and maybe even a picture, below!

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