Newborn Baby Products We Barely (If Ever) Used

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Let’s face it. There are SO many newborn baby products out on the market.

Once the internet catches wind that you are having a baby, (and it doesn’t take it very long!), there is no end to the ads and lists of products advertising as the new, must-have thing!

But what newborn baby products do you actually need, and what can you get away with not having?

5 Newborn Baby Products You Can Live Without

Every family has different needs, but to help you navigate your way through all the products, here is a list of 5 newborn baby products we didn’t find super useful:

#1 – Bottle Warmer

There are lots of different bottle warmers out there on the market.

We did, in fact, register for one. And we got it from our registry, too!

But then we found out that we didn’t really need it.

Here’s why:

It’s much easier, and takes about the same amount of time, to warm up stored breastmilk by running hot water over it.

This is especially true if you use storage bags, like these ones from Medela.

I love these storage bags for several reasons:

  • they come with an adaptor so you can just pump right into them
  • they seal tightly to keep out germs and bacteria
  • they have a place to write the date and time on them
  • they are MUCH easier to store in the fridge and freezer than bottles, and take up less space
  • they have a special pour spout to prevent spilling the milk you worked so hard to pump!

I don’t know about you, but we have very limited counter space in our kitchen. Or cabinet space. Storing a bottle warmer was going to be no easy task.

So when I found out we could just as easily heat up stored breastmilk by running it under water, that bottle warmer went right back to the store. It’s one newborn baby product you truly don’t need!

#2 – Wipe Warmer

This was one of those relatively new products that caught my eye when I was looking at what to register for and what to purchase.

It made sense to me. I mean, who wants a cold wipe on their tushy?

We didn’t end up actually purchasing or receiving this one, because I thought I would see how Little E did without it first.

He hated diaper changes the first two weeks. And he screamed to let us know!

But he screamed no matter what. Even when I warmed the wipes up in my hands first.

And now? He loves getting his diaper changed. I think its literally his favorite part of the day.

And a huge part of that is actually the coldness of the wipes! He loves the surprise of the cool feeling on his skin, and it always brings out a huge smile and some happy coos, too.

Again, each baby is different, so this may actually be something your little one is happy with. But I would definitely advise waiting to see if your baby really needs one or not!

#3 – Travel Nursing Pillow

While we were stocking up on baby products, I found a great deal on a popular-brand travel nursing pillow.

I was ecstatic and bought it before you could say is this really something you will need?

It had a strap, and basically folded the pillow in half and then zipped up. It even had a cute little pocket on the front of it.

The truth is, I never used it. Not even once.

I do use pillows when breastfeeding every once in a while, if Little E just can’t get comfy. But I never used the travel one.

Here’s why:

  • It’s actually not really much smaller than just taking my normal nursing pillow. Sure, if I was packing it in a suitcase it could save me enough room for a shirt or two, but that’s not much.
  • It’s not really convenient to take places. It has a strap, but that would mean carrying the nursing pillow and a diaper bag on my or hubby’s shoulders. Babies have enough stuff to lug around without adding one more thing.

Now, if you are struggling with breastfeeding, a travel nursing pillow may actually be a helpful newborn baby product. But again, this really isn’t much different than carrying a normal nursing pillow around, so I would count this as a product you can skip.

#4 – Hair Brush

This one definitely depends on your newborn.

That being said, most babies aren’t born with enough hair to actually need brushing. And if they do have hair, it is so silky soft and fine that it rarely tangles.

I’ve used Little E’s brush on him three times. And, really, the same effect it created could have been made by simply stroking his hair with my hand. ^_^

Now, you will eventually need a hairbrush for your little one. But some babies don’t get a full head of hair until 2 or 3 years old!

So this is a newborn baby product that you may as well wait to see when you will actually need it.

#5 – Too Much 0-3m Clothing

We had tons of clothes for Little E.

Just the other day I was boxing up clothes he had already outgrown. Probably one-third of it he had never worn, even once!

This is very important to keep in mind when preparing for your baby. Space out the sizing of those adorable baby clothes!

Little E was in 0-3mo clothing until he was about 2 months old, and then he needed 3-6 month clothing.

He had a lot of both, which was helpful when he made that change. But there were a lot of clothes in the smaller size we didn’t even use.

And now that he is about to grow into the 6-9 month clothing, we don’t have much in that size.

While shopping for clothes for your bundle of joy (which was probably one of the most fun parts of preparing, for me!) make sure to get some 0-3 month, some 3-6 month, and some 6-9 month outfits. You could even get some bigger sizes, too!

Every baby is different in size and growth, but eventually, you will need all of the above.

So there you have it. Five newborn baby products we barely used.

Like I’ve said throughout this post: every baby and every family is different.

Take into account your family’s specific needs and desires, and you will do great at preparing for your little one!

Interested in what newborn baby products we did use? Check out our Ten Newborn Baby Products We Use Everyday.

What products did you buy that you didn’t end up using? Are there any of the above products that you do find useful? Leave a comment below!

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