Ten Best Baby Products We Use Every Day: 0-3 Months

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If you expecting a little one, congratulations!

One of the first things new parents do to prepare is try and find the best baby products for their soon-to-arrive little one!

I know it can be overwhelming looking at all the different posts and pins, the hundreds of baby product aisles, the zillions of baby product websites…where do you even begin?

Do babies really need all this stuff???

Yes….but also a resounding no.

They do need a lot of stuff…diapers, wipes, changing tables, bottles, onesies, car seat, stroller, crib sheets…these are all the essentials.

But what about the other stuff? The toys, the pacifiers, the blankets, the appliances? What do you really need? What are the actual best baby products out there?

Even before Little E was born, we had tons of baby products filling our home.

Some were gifts, and others we had purchased ourselves.

There are many of these products that we rarely, if ever, use. For a list of newborn baby products we really didn’t need, click here.

However, there are a few of the best baby products that I can’t imagine not having! I’m sure we would make do, but these ten items have made the past three months so much easier!

The 0-3mo best baby products I use everyday | ourbeautifulfeet.com
10 Newborn Baby Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

Best Baby Product #10: Sassy Bumpy Ball

Sassy Bumpy Ball...1 of 10 amazing best baby products for your 0-3 month old! | ourbeautifulfeet.com

We are going to go through the list countdown style…I’ve always found this to be the most exciting! Plus, this way we save the very best baby products for last.

While this is the last on my top 10 list, Little E’s Sassy Bumpy Ball definitely makes the cut!

We use this toy with him every day. Even though he is still too young to grasp it for more than 4 seconds, and his mouth is too small to fit over the little bumps, he loves it!

I think Little E’s very favorite part of this toy is the sound it makes. One bump has tiny little plastic balls in it and another has large plastic balls. This causes it to make a really interesting and dynamic rattling sound.

The ball is also really colorful and covered in fun patterns. Each bump has its own unique texture, too.

Honestly, whoever invented this toy knew exactly what babies are interested in!

During the first three months of Little E’s life, this ball has been especially helpful during Tummy Time.

When Little E starts to get discouraged or frustrated, I can almost always eek out another five minutes by distracting him with his Sassy Bumpy Ball. In fact, I can often use it to encourage him to lift and turn his head to follow the sound. (Read more about distraction as a tool for Tummy Time.)

You can find this toy at Amazon.

Best Baby Product #9: Infantino Twist & Fold Gym Playmat

Why I love our Infantino play mat | ourbeautifulfeet.com


There are a lot of different play mats out there for your little one!

We decided on the Infantino Twist & Fold, and I am SO glad we did.

First, I absolutely adore the design of this mat. We got the Vintage Boy style, and the colors and patterns are so fun. They give Little E something interesting to look at on his tummy, even if he only lifts his head a little.

The toys that come with it are great as well! They hook on and off little loops on the bar so you can hang them up for playtime on baby’s back, or take them off and use them as incentives during Tummy Time. Each toy has a different feature…from dangling rings to rattling sounds, to squeaking, to crinkling.

There are two things I love most about this specific play gym:

  1. The fabric
    The material this gym is made out of is easily cleaned off. This is extremely helpful if your little one spits up as much as Little E does!I can quickly wipe up any spit up from the polyester mat, and I can easily clean it with soap and water after playtime is over.
  2. Ease of folding

The Twist & Fold Gym is really easy to assemble and disassemble. You simply pull the legs up until the click out straight, and then bend them through the holes in the mat and click them into the buckle on each corner. To break it down, you unbuckle the legs and then twist a knob in the middle circle and the legs will collapse and fold in.

This has been really helpful in our small space, as we can collapse the legs, roll the mat around them and stick it in a corner when we want the floor space back. Quick and easy! (Two of my favorite characteristics of any best baby product.)

It is also a really helpful feature for traveling. When we went to visit my hubby’s mom, we didn’t have to worry about it taking up a bunch of space in the car.

You can find the Twist & Fold Gym at Amazon (one of my favorite places to shop!). Click here to see the adorable Pond Pals style.

Best Baby Product #8: Nuby Happy Hands Teething Mitt

Why our little one loves his Teething Mitt | ourbeautifulfeet.com

This is a MUST for babies who start teething early.

Despite what most people will tell you (I can’t tell you how many people have tried to convince me Little E is too young to teeth), it’s actually quite common for babies to start showing teething symptoms at 3 months old!

For Little E, this looked like drooling, trying to chew on everything, swollen gums, trouble sleeping, and most of all irritability.

The real struggle with Little E teething this soon is that he still hasn’t mastered all the coordination involved in grabbing something, putting the part he wants in his mouth, and holding it there while he chews on it. (Though I’m amazed at how much he improves on this everyday!)

Enter the Teething Mitt.

While Little E struggles to put objects in his mouth, he has already mastered putting his hand there.

The Happy Hands Teething Mitt takes advantage of this by strapping a teething toy to the baby’s hand.

The first couple of times Little E wasn’t sure what to make of it, but now he loves his mitt!

The texture of it is perfect for soothing his gums and satisfying his drive to chew, and he loves the crinkly sound it makes.

You can order these from Babies R Us.

Best Baby Product #7: Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover

Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover...1 of 10 amazing best baby products for your 0-3 month old! | ourbeautifulfeet.com

Your changing pad is where your little one will spend a LOT of time each day. With a 3-month old, we probably spend a combined total of 2 hours there each day! (I won’t even get into how much time is spent there with a newborn….they average about 10 dirty diapers each day.)

Given that your baby will be on her changing pad many times each day (some days more than others!), it’s a place you want to make cozy and nice as you prepare for her arrival.

There are lots of different options for changing pad covers (and part of it will depend on what kind of changing pad you get), but here are a few reasons we went with the Summer Ultra Plush:

  1. Safety
    It is important that the changing pad cover securely attaches to the changing pad itself. The Summer cover is like a fitted sheet, and it fits snugly over each corner of Little E’s changing pad. It also has holes in the fabric where the safety buckle can fit through the cover.It’s important that the cover fits securely so that it won’t work its way off of the changing pad as your little one wriggles around!
  2. Comfort
    Like I said, if I was spending a good 2 or 3 hours of the day on my back (not to mention with my bare behind exposed!), I would want it to be a comfortable location.In some ways, it may seem silly to have a plush cover on something that quite often gets dirty. I wrestled with purchasing this at first because of the cleaning issue. However, I’m glad I went with plush anyway!It has actually been super easy to clean! If a little spot gets on it, I can quickly rub it away with a baby wipe. After a bit of time using it, we just pop it in the wash and dryer with Little E’s clothes. He creates enough laundry that it his changing pad cover can get washed twice a week if it needs too! (We got 3 so we can rotate them out more easily. I suggest this no matter what kind of changing pad cover you get!)The changing table is one of Little E’s favorite spots! He loves lying there and looking up at as, and even does some Tummy Time there. In fact, it’s probably one of the spots he is the most cheerful and talkative throughout the day.I know the comfort of his Ultra Plush changing pad cover contributes to this happiness!
  3. Style
    Finally, the Summer Infant covers have a lot of different patterns. On one listing on Amazon alone, there are 15 different styles available! We went with a grey and white striped one, a gray and white chevron cover, and a light yellow one.

It’s not the most important factor, but it definitely helps to make your nursery look neat and put together. I really loved creating a cute and cheerful home for our Little E, and his changing table cover was an important part of that.

You can find the Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover in 15 different varieties, here!

Best Baby Product #6: Boudreaux’s Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment

Butt Paste...1 of 10 amazing best baby products for your 0-3 month old! | ourbeautifulfeet.com

Butt paste.

I know. It’s one of those topics that nobody in their right mind discusses…until they are about to have a kid. Then suddenly topics like poop, spit up, drool, and butt paste become an everyday thing.

But, (no pun intended), butt paste is a really important topic of parenthood!

We do all we can to make sure Little E doesn’t get a diaper rash. Frequent changes, sensitive skin wipes, and comfortable diapers are all key here. But every now and then he still does get a raw, red, sensitive tushy.

When he does, we turn to our butt paste.

We tried a few different products before really settling on Boudreaux’s. In fact, my hopes were highest for an organic coconut butter paste we had gotten. However, both this paste and the other brand of diaper paste we got had teeny tiny granules in them that just irritated Little E even more.

Boudreaux’s Paste is nice and smooth. It is also super thick, and does a great job covering up and protecting his sensitive skin from any further irritation.

After applying the paste to Little E’s rash, by the next diaper change the redness and irritability has already greatly decreased, and any signs of the rash are gone within an afternoon!

It is important to note that Boudreaux’s Paste is not, nor does it claim to be, a cure for the rash. Rather, its job is to create a barrier of protection for the rash to heal. But once Little E’s skin has that protection, it can heal much faster!

I also love this paste because it only has a few simple ingredients. Zinc Oxide is the active ingredient. Other ingredients include castor oil, mineral oil, paraffin, peruvian basalm, and white petroleum. Plus, it’s paraben and preservative-free!

(This is for reference purposes only. I do not warrant that this ingredient and/or drug information is complete or accurate. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any specific concerns.)

Another great aspect of this paste is how long it lasts! Due to how nice and thick it is, it only takes a tiny drop (maybe the size of a pea) to cover Little E’s rash. It’s been 3 months now, and our tube isn’t even half empty!

You can find Boudreaux’s Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment at Target for around $6 (Talk about a deal for something that has lasted us so long!).

Best Baby Product #5: Baby Boom Multi Geo Tote Diaper Bag

Diaper bag is a must! | ourbeautifulfeet.com

Here’s another product where you have a lot of options!

I remember the first time we walked into Babies R’Us, and how overwhelming the wall (yes, the WALL) of diaper bags was. It literally was floor to ceiling, and at least as long as our living room wall.

The Hubby and I tried looking at diaper bags that first trip, but got overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.

After a while of looking around on the internet and reading reviews, we felt a bit more equipped and went shopping again.

Once again, though, we walked away without a diaper bag in hand. This time because we couldn’t find a style that was both functional and not too girlie for my hubby to feel comfortable carrying around!

As luck would have it, we ended up getting the perfect diaper bag at our baby shower…the Baby Boom Multi Geo Tote. (Thanks Gaby!!!)

I know…that’s a pretty big claim when there are so many different options out there for diaper bags. But here’s why I say that:

  1. Space
    This diaper bag has a lot of room in it! Now, I know that we started our search thinking we wanted a pretty small diaper bag, for just essentials. However, I am really glad we stuck with a larger one.This diaper bag also has enough room to hold my purse essentials in it. (I use a little bag to keep my wallet, cards, chapstick, checkbook, etc. in. That way I can transfer it easily back and forth between diaper bag when I have Little E and purse when I don’t.)Otherwise, I would be stuck carrying around a diaper bag and a purse. Trying to balance those two things with a baby, a shopping cart, a phone, and whatever else you have is not that easy!It is also quite surprising how much you need for a successful trip with a baby. Now, for a small two hour trip, you will be just fine with one or two diapers, a burp cloth, a change of clothes, some wipes, a pacifier, a teething toy, a washcloth, and some butt paste (you can see why with a small diaper bag you would need a purse, too!).But if you are going to be out of the house for 5 or more hours, you may need to increase this to ten diapers, two washcloths, a toy or two, a pacifier or two, butt paste, two changes of clothes, a hat or sweater if it is cold out, two burp clothes and a blanket.This is quite a bit of stuff that takes up quite a bit of space. Which thankfully, our diaper bag has.If I want to, I can fit three changes of clothes, two burp cloths, a muslin blanket, ten diapers, two washcloths, two hats, two pairs of socks, three or four toys, a changing pad, a wet/dry bag, two pacifiers, a nursing cover, Tylenol, a suction bulb, saline spray, lanolin, butt paste, wipes and all my purse things: wallet, phone, checkbook, rewards cards, pencils, pens, chapstick, and keys. (Whew, I’m feeling out of breath just reading that!)
  2. Function
    In addition to being able to fit all those things, it can fit them in a way that is organized!This is so helpful when Little E has spit up all over me and I need to find the burp cloth quick!The Baby Boom Tote has 8 pockets. On the front, it has two small pockets that velcro shut. I use one to hold things in small bottles…like my lanolin, some Tylenol, the butt paste, and some hand sanitizer. I use the other to hold my nursing cover.On one side it has an insulated pocket that can be used for baby bottles. The other side has a pocket built specifically for wipes. You can dispense the wipes without opening the pocket! It even came with a small wipe holder, but we took that out and just stick our wipe package in there since it can hold a lot more at a time.Behind the two front pockets is a zipper pocket. This is where I put my purse things when I am using the diaper bag.On the back is a large open pocket. We use this for his burp cloth, the changing pad (which comes with the bag!), and pacifiers…three things we want to be able to get to quickly!In the main zipper pocket, there are three compartments. One of those compartments holds the wet/dry bag. The middle compartment holds his change of clothes and his blanket. The third compartment holds his diapers and the washcloths.Finally, there is plenty of room on the inside for me to stick his toys right on top!As you can see, the Baby Bloom Multi Geo Tote Diaper Bag has tons of functional space. This is the main reason why I love using this diaper bag!
  3. Style
    Finally, we love this diaper bag because of its style. The grey background with the red, white, and blue, geometric pattern creates a really gender neutral bag.

One of the problems I mentioned above, when we were looking at diaper bags, was that a lot of them were just too girly.

My hubby doesn’t feel awkward carrying around our diaper bag, which I am very thankful for!

The pattern looks a little bit like hearts, but they are so geometric that they also just look like arrows. I think it really depends on who is carrying it…when a woman is holding it I tend to see hearts, and when a man is holding it I tend to see arrows.

I don’t mean to play into gender stereotypes…by all means, if a man wants a pink and purple flower diaper bag..go for it! Or if a woman hates that kind of diaper bag, I totally get it!

For me and my hubby though, we wanted something that could look both feminine and masculine to fit both of our styles.

We found that in the Baby Bloom Multi Geo Tote Diaper Bag, which you can get at Amazon.

Best Baby Product #4: Muslin Blankets

Swaddles...one of 10 things you need for baby | ourbeautifulfeet.com

These have been invaluable!

They were especially necessary when Little E first came home. Swaddling newborn babies is a great way to help soothe them during the “fourth trimester” (months 0 – 4). It mimics the warm cozy embrace of momma’s womb.

It can be hard sometimes, though, to get baby the right temperature when swaddled. Flannel and cotton swaddles are great, but they can get baby overheated (unless it is nice and cold in your house).

Not so with the muslin blanket. The nice, airy fabric is really breathable, but still gives baby a warm, cozy feeling.

They are also nice and big, making swaddling a lot easier….especially if your little one is a chunkster, like mine!

Muslin blankets come in all kinds of patterns, which makes it really fun!

Here are some of the adorable animal muslin swaddles  we got for Little E.

Best Baby Product #3: FisherPrice Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle & Swing

Our swing has proved invaluable!!! | ourbeautifulfeet.com

There is a very good reason why Little E’s swing makes 3rd place on our list:

I would not get nearly as much done without it!

Little E really loves his swing. He loved it from the day he arrived home from the hospital. I can set him in his swing and he will be happy there anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, giving me a chance to pop some laundry in the wash, wash a few dishes, or just take a few deep breaths.

Here are a few reasons why we love this particular swing:

  1. Versatile
    This swing can go side to side or back and forth.Little E enjoys it either way, which is helpful when we want him facing a certain direction. I can fold laundry on the coffee table or be sitting in our armchair and have him facing me.This is especially helpful, though, because some babies only like it one way or the other. And there’s no way to know until your little one tries it! With this swing, you don’t have to worry about whether your little one will only like to go sideways or forwards.
  2. Fun

The mobile on the snuggapuppy style of this swing is absolutely adorable, with its little creatures and fun-patterned leaves.

Most of all, Little E loves the mirror in the middle of the mobile. He finds endless joy in staring up at himself and cooing away!

We also love the ability to change how high the swing goes and what kind of music the swing plays.

You can find the FisherPrice Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle & Swing at BabiesR’Us.

Best Baby Product #2: Ergobaby All Position 360 Baby Carrier

Why I love the Ergobaby and why you should too..plus 10% off | ourbeautifulfeet.com

*Note: We don’t actually use this product every day. But, I do use it every day I go shopping or other places where I will be walking and need my hands free. In fact, it’s one baby product I don’t know how moms lived without in times past! That’s why this product not only makes the list, it’s second on it!*

I honestly cannot imagine going grocery shopping without my Ergobaby.

Well, actually I can. I imagine it would look something like a screaming baby, items toppling out of my hands on to the floor, a three hour long grocery shopping trip, and me begging strangers to help me load items on the conveyer belt.

Instead, my trip looks like a normal grocery shopping trip! I have full use of both my arms, and I can even bend over to reach things on the bottom shelf. (While holding baby with one arm for extra support.)

I imagine that grocery shopping with Little E without a carrier will get easier as he gets older and has enough head control to sit in the cart by himself.

But for these first 0-3 months, our Ergobaby has given me the confidence to run errands on my own.

Here are a few things I love about the Ergobaby vs. other carriers/wraps:

  1. Comfort
    The Ergobaby Carrier is really comfortable. The way it is designed does not put much pressure on my back. The first two times I wore it it did make my back a little bit tired, but that’s because my back was weak from labor.Now when I wear Little E in the Ergobaby, I can go for a good two or three hours before feeling my back start to get tired. That’s pretty impressive for me, as I have a pretty weak back in general.The shoulder straps are nice and padded, too, so it doesn’t hurt my shoulders either.
  2. Safety
    It is also nice and comfortable for Little E. And more importantly, it’s safe!Some carriers can put undo pressure on baby’s joints, especially their hips. The Ergobaby has a nice wide seat that takes pressure off of your little one’s hips and puts them in an ideal baby-wearing position.
  3. 360

The Ergobaby 360 is called that because you can wear baby on your front facing in, on your front facing out, on your back, and on your hip!

For us, this will come in very handy once Little E is old enough to face forward, because he will be able to wear his boots and bar while in it. (This is especially true because he has the click-on boots and bar.)

Right now, he still has to face me instead of facing outward, so we are unable to click the bar on while he is in it. However, the natural “frog-leg” position he is while being carried means his clubfoot is still angled out, so we don’t worry too much about it. It also doesn’t add up to too much time.

This is also really nice for those babies who always want to be able to see where they are going. I know a lot of mommas who struggle to baby wear because their little one wants to see what’s going on around them, so they fuss when in a carrier.

With the Ergobaby 360, your little one can face whatever way they are most comfortable in (once at a safe age to do so.)

You can find the Ergobaby All Position 360 Baby Carrier here. Make sure to grab an infant insert if you plan to use this when your little one is young!

*Here is a code just for you to get a 10% off coupon!!! CODE: jo8KbuYBBM
On top of this, they always have free shipping!*

Best Baby Product #1: Wubbanub Giraffe Pacifier

Wubbanub...1 of 10 amazing best baby products for your 0-3 month old! | ourbeautifulfeet.com

You made it to the top of the list! The best of the best baby products!

Little E’s Wubbanub is his absolute favorite baby product.

It may seem a bit strange to go from two big products (the swing and the carrier) to such a little one, but this is definitely the product we use most often with Little E.

We didn’t use pacifiers with Little E when he was first born, as we did not want to create nipple confusion with breastfeeding.

However, after he was four weeks old we decided to start letting him use one. We decided this for two reasons: one, he seemed to have a pretty good latch during breastfeeding, and two, I had a lot of milk. This meant that he would get full before he was “suck satisfied,” causing him to pull part-way off and just suck on the very end of my nipple ( >_< not very pleasant).

We began with the simple Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier that we had gotten from the doctor at his circumcision. He liked this pacifier, but we had to constantly hold it for him, because he would lose it about every two minutes.

We tried giving him some other pacifiers, but he didn’t take to them like the Soothie. Their nipple was wider, which would cause him to gag. They also weren’t soft and chewy like the Soothie was.

I actually ended up buying the Wubbanub one day when I was in the store with him and he was fussy. I had left his pacifier at home, so I decided to open a Wubbanub and pay for it when we checked out.

He absolutely loved it!

Not only this, but it actually stayed in on its own! It seems like the weight of the giraffe helps it to stay in place whenever Little E stops sucking momentarily.

It’s also great now that Little E has started learning to reach for things and put them in his mouth. He still struggles to get it at the right angle, but the giraffe gives him something big and solid to grasp onto, and he is improving every day!

If you are going to go with a pacifier, I definitely recommend the adorable and functional Wubbanub! You can find them at Amazon.

Well, there you have it! (If you actually read through this entire post, kudos! It was a long one!).

These ten best baby products have been very helpful to us in our journey with Little E these first three months, and I hope they give you an idea of what products might be useful to you and your little one.

Have any other best baby products on your must-have baby list? Share them in the comments below!

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